Author. Dog Mom. Coffee Addict
Kimberly Moore is a classic introvert – quiet, reserved, and bookish. She’s loved writing all her life and used to compose little stories as a child and young adult. She began writing seriously in September 2016 after severe clinical depression sent her to the hospital. Writing became a form of therapy and helped her begin the healing process. Since then, writing has become her vocation, and Kimberly hopes to entertain and inspire through her fictional characters and worlds.
What Kimberly Writes
Adult and YA fantasy with action, adventure, romance, magic, dragons, and other dastardly villains...

Featured Book

A Girl with a Bow

Seventeen-year-old Petunia is shy, awkward, and insecure. She’s also a hero – by accident. When she unwittingly kills a baby dragon, she saves her caravan and the nearby city from the creature. Now, everyone hails her as a hero, and she feels like a fraud. When tragedy soon strikes the city, everyone turns to Petunia, their hero, to solve the problem. Petunia sets out on a journey to solve the mystery and find justice for the victims. With numerous challenges thrust upon her and danger at every turn, Petunia must quickly grow as a leader and hero. Eventually, she is confronted with a stunning revelation, which challenges her beliefs and forces her to determine who she really is.